Individual Components

User Interface (UIM)

Features a 2 x 16 alpha numeric display for messages and programming, numeric displays of following distances both front and rear, variable audio feedback for alarms, indicator lights for alarm conditions, tactile feedback control panel, contained within an aluminum housing.

Control Electronics Module (CEM)

Utilizing sealed automotive grade connectors, the UIM, TSM and 2.4 GHz radio interface with this main control module which is mounted within the cab of the vehicle. This module also contains expansion ports for connection to work vehicle sensor inputs which can be utilized for productivity measurements.

Transmitter / Sensor Module (TSM)

Located on the roof of the work vehicle, this module contains the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio system, and GPS modules. Constructed of aluminum and specific molded Radome materials, this module is installed upon a modular base which can accommodate all vehicles and mounting locations.