Individual Components

Local Radio Warning System (LRW)

The LRW serves as both the command center and communications suite for all sensors integrated into the STS system. An interface board allows operators in the field to easily program basic parameters of operation for the suite. Emergency signals are broadcast over a 5-mile radius in the case of sensor activation.

Derailment Sensor (DRS)

A Metrom Rail DRS is designed to detect local wheel derailments by fracturing under the weight of a misaligned wheel. The fracture will open an electrical circuit which is interpreted by the LRW.

Track Integrity Sensor (TIS)

The TIS is a sensor secured to both the rail and an embedded ballast probe. In the case of rail deformation or ballast washout, the sensor will immediately send an alarm activation to the LRW for broadcast. The TIS ensures that sensitive locations, such as bridges, can be monitored at all times. Available in Q1 2013.

Dragging Equipment Sensor (DES)

The Metrom Rail DES is a replacement for long-standing Dragging Equipment Sensor technology. The rail-mounted DES is constructed of a light-weight composite body, and a quick-assemble/disassemble design allows for a single operator to easily remove the device from a rail. The DES comes with programmable null points, and can detect the speed at which the sensor is struck and in what direction. All details are reported by the LRW system, over an open emergency channel. Available in Q1 2013.

Wheel Detector (WD)

The WD is a wheel detection module which interprets axle counts, speed and direction of a vehicle. When an alarm is triggered by any of the sensors in the system, the axle count is added to the verbal announcement, giving operators an idea of exactly where to look for a problem.